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Title of the Film ATLANTIC.
Alternative Titles ATLANTIK
English Titles  
Year of Release 1929
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) German
Run Time (in minutes) 113
Length (in meters) 3108
Colour b/w
Based on/Source Play "The Berg" by Ernest Raymond
Production Companies British International Pictures (BIP)
Producer(s) E.A. Dupont
Director E.A. Dupont
Cast Fritz Kortner, Elsa Wagner, Heinrich Schroth, Julia Serda, Elfriede Borodin, Lucie Mannheim, Franz Lederer, Willi Forst, Hermann Vallentin
Literature Times, 29 October 1929
Das Kino-Journal (Vienna), 2 November 1929
Special notes Screenplay: Victor Kendall, E.A. Dupont
German-language version of ATLANTIC (UK, 1929)

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