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Title of the Film CHAMPAGNER
Alternative Titles .
English Titles BRIGHT EYES
Year of Release 1928
Country of Origin UK, Austria
Language(s) German
Run Time (in minutes)  
Length (in meters) 2800
Colour b/w
Genre Romance
Based on/Source Story by Katherine Reeves
Production Companies British International Pictures, Sascha-Film
Director Geza von Bolvary
Cast Betty Balfour, Jack Trevor, Vivian Gibson, Fritz Greiner
Literature Das Kino-Journal (Vienna), 8 December 1928
Mein Film (Vienna), no. 155 (December 1928)
Das Kino-Journal (Vienna), 23 February 1929
Bioscope, 8 May 1929
Bioscope, 2 October 1929
Special notes Anglo-Austrian co-production, released in Britain as a silent version (May 1929) and a sound version (October 1929)
Screenplay by Franz Schulz
Directors of photography: Theodor Sparkuhl, Max Nekut
Art direction: Artur Berger

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