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Alternative Titles SUICIDE SQUADRON (US)
English Titles  
Year of Release 1941
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 98
Length (in meters) 2678
Colour b/w
Genre War, melodrama, anti-Nazi
Based on/Source  
Production Companies RKO Radio Pictures
Producer(s) William Sistrom
Director Brian Desmond Hurst
Cast Anton Walbrook, Sally Gray, Derrick de Marney, Cecil Parker, Frederick Valk
Literature Picture Post, 12 April 1941
Kinematograph Weekly, 3 July 1941
Motion Picture Herald, 12 July 1941
Times, 14 August 1941
Die Zeitung, 15 August 1941
Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 1941
Monthly Film Bulletin, August 1941
Picturegoer, 6 September 1941
Sight and Sound, October 1941
New York Times, 14 May 1942
Special notes "Anton Walbrook is exceedingly good as the pilot who escapes to America, marries a millionaire's daughter, but eventually feels it his duty to carry on the fight in the air." Lionel Collier, Picturegoer)

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