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Title of the Film EIN LIED FÜR DICH
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Release 1933
Country of Origin Germany
Language(s) German
Run Time (in minutes) 85
Length (in meters)  
Colour b/w
Genre Musical comedy
Based on/Source  
Production Companies Cine-Allianz
Producer(s) Arnold Pressburger, Gregor Rabinowitsch
Director Joe May
Cast Jan Kiepura, Jenny Jugo, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Paul Hörbiger, Paul Kemp, Karl Stepanek (= Karel Stepanek), Leonard Steckel
Literature Das blaue Heft, 15 May 1933.
New York Times, 2 July 1933.
Österreichische Film-Zeitung, 4 November 1933.
Special notes Director of photography: Otto Kanturek. Screenplay by Irmgard von Cube, Ernst Marischka and Rudolf Bernauer. Music by Bronislau Kaper and Walter Jurmann. Lyrics by Ernst Marischka and Fritz Rotter. UK version: MY SONG FOR YOU (1934), directed by Maurice Elvey.

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