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Title of the Film HORTOBAGY
Alternative Titles  
Year of Release 1936
Country of Origin Hungary
Language(s) Hungarian
Run Time (in minutes) 88
Length (in meters) 2440
Colour b/w
Genre semi-documentary
Based on/Source  
Production Companies Hoellering Film
Producer(s) George Hoellering
Director George Hoellering
Cast Imre Kovacs
Literature Times, 14 December 1936
Spectator, 18 December 1936 (Graham Greene)
World Film News, December 1936
Monthly Film Bulletin, December 1936
London Mercury, February 1937
Times, 19 April 1945
Jewish Chronicle, 20 April 1945
Kinematograph Weekly, 26 April 1945
Monthly Film Bulletin, May 1945
Picturegoer, 23 June 1945
Times, 14 January 1957
Special notes "HORTOBAGY, a film of the Hungarian plains, acted by peasants and shepherds, is one of the most satisfying films I have seen: it belongs to the order of Dovzhenko's EARTH without the taint of propaganda. The photography is extraordinarily beautiful, the cutting superb." (Graham Greene)

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