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Title of the Film LIEBESKOMMANDO
Alternative Titles  
English Titles Command to Love
Year of Release 1931
Country of Origin Germany
Language(s) German
Run Time (in minutes) 101
Length (in meters)  
Colour b/w
Genre Comedy
Based on/Source  
Production Companies Super-Film
Producer(s) Julius Haimann
Director Geza von Bolvary
Cast Dolly Haas, Gustav Fröhlich, Livio Pavanelli, Anton Pointner, Fritz Odemar, Walter Edthofer, Yvette Rodin, Tibor von Halmay, Mary Losseff, Paul Morgan, Leopold von Ledebur
Literature Österreichische Film-Zeitung, 21 November 1931.
New York Times, 27 April 1932.
Times, 11 June 1934.
Jewish Chronicle, 15 June 1934.
Palestine Post, 27 June 1934.
Picturegoer Weekly, 30 June 1934.
Monthly Film Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 5 (June 1934).
Special notes Screenplay by Alexander Roda-Roda, Fritz Grünbaum and Walter Reisch (uncredited). Sets by Andrei Andreiev and Robert A. Dietrich. Musical direction by Robert Stolz. Lyrics by Armin Robinson and Robert Gilbert. Director of photography: Willy Goldberger. Location manager: Fritz Brunn.

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