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Title of the Film MAD LOVE
Alternative Titles THE HANDS OF ORLAC
English Titles  
Year of Release 1935
Country of Origin US
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 68
Length (in meters)  
Colour b/w
Genre Romance, Horror
Based on/Source Novel "Les mains d'Orlac" by Maurice Renard
Production Companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Producer(s) John W. Considine Jr.
Director Karl Freund
Cast Peter Lorre, Frances Drake, Ted Healy, Colin Clive
Literature Times, 5 August 1935
New York Times, 5 August 1935
Film Weekly, 9 August 1935
Spectator, 9 August 1935 (Graham Greene)
Monthly Film Bulletin, August 1935
London Mercury, September 1935
Pariser Tageblatt, 29 November 1935
Picturegoer Weekly, 25 January 1936
Special notes "Mr Lorre, with every physical handicap, can convince you of the goodness, the starved tenderness, of his vice-entangled souls. Those marbly pupils in the pasty spherical face are like the eye-pieces of a microscope through which you can see laid flat on the slide the entangled mind of a man: love and lust, nobility and perversity, hatred of itself and despair jumping out at you from the jelly." (Graham Greene)

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