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Title of the Film MASKERADE
Alternative Titles  
Year of Release 1934
Country of Origin Austria
Language(s) German
Run Time (in minutes) 101
Length (in meters) 2850
Colour b/w
Genre Melodrama
Based on/Source  
Production Companies Tobis-Sascha
Producer(s) Karl Julius Frizsche
Director Willi Forst
Cast Paul Wessely, Adolf Wohlbrück (= Anton Walbrook), Olga Tschechowa, Hans Moser, Peter Petersen, Walter Janssen, Lisl Handl, Josephine Rüdiger
Literature Die Kritik (Prague), September 1934
Österreichische Film-Zeitung, 29 September 1934
Die Kritik, October 1934
Pariser Tageblatt, 5 October 1934
Times, 18 January 1935
Jewish Chronicle, 18 January 1935
Film Weekly, 25 January 1935
Monthly Film Bulletin, January 1935
London Mercury, February 1935
Cinema Quarterly, Winter 1935
Punch, 6 March 1935
Picturegoer Weekly, 3 August 1935
New York Times, 26 January 1937
Der Wiener Film, 31 August 1937
Times, 23 December 1938
Special notes Screenplay: Walter Reisch, Willi Forst
Director of photography: Franz Planer

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