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Title of the Film MR. EMMANUEL
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Release 1944
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 97
Length (in meters) 2668
Colour b/w
Genre Drama
Based on/Source Novel by Louis Golding
Production Companies Two Cities Films
Producer(s) William Sistrom
Director Harold French
Cast Felix Aylmer, Greta Gynt, Walter Rilla, Frederick Richter, Charles Goldner, Frederick Schiller, Oscar Ebelsbacher, Milo Sperber, Maria Berger, Meier Tzelniker, Guy Deghy, Eric Freund, Arnold Marle, Josef Almas, Ernst Ullman, Louis de Wohl
Literature Jewish Chronicle, 4 February 1944
Times, 31 August 1944
Kinematograph Weekly, 31 August 1944
Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1944
Aufbau, 8 September 1944 (PEM)
Punch, 13 September 1944
Motion Picture Herald, 23 September 1944
Picturegoer, 30 September 1944
New York Times, 8 January 1945
Aufbau, 12 January 1945 (Manfred George)
Special notes Music: Mischa Spoliansky
Director of photography: Otto Heller
"The photography is really splendid, with some very lovely backgrounds." (Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1944)
"Mr. Walter Rilla is excellent as the susceptible Party Leader." (Times)

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