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Title of the Film NO RESTING PLACE
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Release 1951
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 77
Length (in meters) 2135
Colour b/w
Genre Melodrama
Based on/Source Novel by Ian Niall
Production Companies Colin Lesslie Productions
Producer(s) Colin Lesslie
Director Paul Rotha
Cast Michael Gough, Eithne Dunne, Noel Purcell, Brian O'Higgins
Literature Jewish Chronicle, 13 July 1951
Times, 16 July 1951
Spectator, 20 July 1951
Picturegoer, 21 July 1951
Punch, 25 July 1951
Monthly Film Bulletin, August 1951
Sight and Sound, August-September 1951
Motion Picture Herald, 26 April 1952
Variety, 30 April 1952
New York Times, 5 May 1952
Films in Review, May 1952
Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television, Winter 1952
Special notes Director of photography: Wolf Suschitzky
"In NO RESTING PLACE the windswept hills and desolate roads of western Ireland are patterned in racing cloud and running shadow; there are scenes in which the characters are not so much bathed in light as in drama, each shot fitting the mood of the story." (Connery Chappell, Picturegoer)

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