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Title of the Film NO TREES IN THE STREET
Alternative Titles STRASSE OHNE ZUKUNFT (Germany)
English Titles  
Year of Release 1959
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 96
Length (in meters) 2637
Colour b/w
Genre Drama
Based on/Source Eponymous play by Ted Willis
Production Companies Allegro Films
Producer(s) Frank Godwin
Director J. Lee Thompson
Cast Sylvia Sims, Herbert Lom, Melvyn Hayes, Ronald Howard, Joan Miller, Stanley Holloway, Lily Kann, David Hemmings, Carole Lesley, Marianne Stone, Lana Morris
Literature Times, 9 March 1959
Variety, 11 March 1959
Spectator, 13 March 1959
Punch, 18 March 1959
Picturegoer, 21 March 1959
Films and Filming, March 1959
Monthly Film Bulletin, March 1959
Special notes Screenplay: Ted Willis
"Herbert Lom, as the hero-villain, turns up surprisingly to make one wonder why (with our dearth of romantic actors) he generally plays psychiatrists, or other sinister smoothies of the kind." (Isabel Quigly, Spectator)

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