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Title of the Film ONE NIGHT WITH YOU
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Release 1948
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 92
Length (in meters) 2524
Colour b/w
Genre Comedy, musical
Based on/Source Play by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Production Companies Two Cities Films
Producer(s) Josef Somlo
Director Terence Young
Cast Nino Martini, Patricia Roc, Bonar Colleano, Hugh Wakefield, Guy Middleton, Charles Goldner, Stanley Holloway, Willy Fueter, Miles Malleson, Martin Miller, Ferdy Mayne
Literature Times, 26 April 1948
Jewish Chronicle, 30 April 1948
Monthly Film Bulletin, May 1948
Picturegoer, 5 June 1948
New York Times, 21 February 1949
Special notes  

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