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Title of the Film QUIET WEEKEND
Alternative Titles QUIET WEEK END
English Titles  
Year of Release 1946
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 92
Length (in meters) 2531
Colour b/w
Genre Comedy
Based on/Source Play by Esther McCracken
Production Companies Associated British Picture Corporation
Producer(s) Warwick Ward
Director Harold French
Cast Derek Farr, Frank Cellier, Marjorie Fielding, George Thorpe
Literature Kinematograph Weekly, 9 May 1946
Times, 18 June 1946
New York Times, 20 August 1948
Special notes Screenplay: Victor Skutezky, Stephen Black, T.J. Morrison, Warwick Ward
"If this film is shown abroad, no one will be mystified. The English always were mad; how good to find the long war has made no difference to them!" (Times)

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