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Title of the Film SANDERS OF THE RIVER
Alternative Titles KONGO RAID; BOSAMBO
English Titles  
Year of Release 1935
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 98
Length (in meters) 2673
Colour b/w
Genre Adventure, drama
Based on/Source Story by Edgar Wallace
Production Companies London Film Productions
Producer(s) Alexander Korda
Director Zoltan Korda
Cast Leslie Banks, Paul Robeson, Nina Mae McKinney, Martin Walker, Robert Cochran
Literature Cinema Quarterly, April 1935
Monthly Film Bulletin, April 1935
Times, 3 April 1935
Kinematograph Weekly, 4 April 1935
Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1935
Film Weekly, 12 April 1935
Punch, 24 April 1935
London Mercury, May 1935
Die Kritik (Prague), May 1935 (Hans Feld)
New York Times, 27 June 1935
Time, 8 July 1935
Picturegoer Weekly, 26 October 1935
Österreichische Film-Zeitung, 1 November 1935
Das Kino-Journal (Vienna), 2 November 1935
Jüdische Revue (Prague), March 1937 (Hans Feld)
Monthly Film Bulletin, September 1938
Special notes Screenplay: Lajos Biro, Jeffrey Dell, Arthur Wimperis
Art direction: Vincent Korda
Music: Mischa Spoliansky

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