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Title of the Film STATE SECRET
Alternative Titles THE GREAT MANHUNT
English Titles  
Year of Release 1950
Country of Origin UK
Run Time (in minutes) 104
Length (in meters) 2855
Colour b/w
Genre Drama, Thriller
Based on/Source Novel by Roy Huggins
Production Companies London Film Productions, British Lion Film Corporation
Producer(s) Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat
Director Sidney Gilliat
Cast Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Glynis Johns, Jack Hawkins, Herbert Lom, Carl Jaffe, Walter Rilla, Karel Stepanek, Gerard Heinz, Anton Diffring, Peter Illing, Eric Pohlmann, Paul Demel, Leo Bieber, Nelly Arno
Literature Jock MacGregor: Location Italy. Picturegoer, 8 October 1949
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Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1950
Times, 24 April 1950
Spectator, 28 April 1950
Monthly Film Bulletin, April 1950
Punch, 3 May 1950
Picturegoer, 20 May 1950
Elizabeth Forrest: The secrets of STATE SECRET. Picturegoer, 9 September 1950
New York Times, 5 October 1950
Aufbau, 20 October 1950
Special notes "Herbert Lom contributes a fine character study of a crook with a sense of humour." (Jewish Chronicle)

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