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Title of the Film VICTORIA THE GREAT
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Release 1937
Country of Origin UK
Language(s) English
Run Time (in minutes) 112
Length (in meters) 3096
Colour Colour, b/w
Genre Drama
Based on/Source Play "Victoria Regina" by Laurence Housman
Production Companies Imperator Film Productions
Producer(s) Herbert Wilcox
Director Herbert Wilcox
Cast Anna Neagle, Anton Walbrook, Walter Rilla, Mary Morris, Paul Henreid, Albert Lieven
Literature Picturegoer Weekly, 29 May 1937
Times, 17 September 1937
Kinematograph Weekly, 23 September 1937
Jewish Chronicle, 24 September 1937
Film Weekly, 25 September 1937
Monthly Film Bulletin, September 1937
Picturegoer Weekly, 2 October 1937
Punch, 6 October 1937
Charles de Grandcourt: The Queen in a Studio. Some of the Problems Confronted in the Filming of VICTORIA THE GREAT. New York Times, 17 October 1937
Mein Film (Vienna), 22 October 1937
New York Times, 29 October 1937
Österreichische Film-Zeitung, 29 October 1937
Das Kino-Journal (Vienna), 30 October 1937
London Mercury, October 1937
Monthly Film Bulletin, October 1937
Picturegoer Weekly, 25 December 1937
Picturegoer Weekly, 1 January 1938
Special notes "Mr. Walbrook makes the most of his opportunity and contributes an original and accomplished study, suggesting a man of real intelligence, capable of detachment and irony." (Times)
"Excellent performance of Anton Walbrook." (Richard Mallett, Punch)

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