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Title of The Play BALALAIKA
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1936
Place of Premiere Adelphi Theatre, London
Language(s) English
Genre Operetta
Based on/Source Operetta "The Gay Hussar" by Eric Maschwitz and George Posford
Producer(s) Leontine Sagan
Director Leontine Sagan
Author Eric Maschwitz, George Posford and Bernard Grun
Cast Muriel Angelus, Roger Treville, Clifford Mollison, Betty Warren, Leo von Pokorny
Literature Times, 23 December 1936.
Jewish Chronicle, 25 December 1936.
Punch, 6 January 1937.
Times, 21 February 1938.
Special notes The production was a spectacular success. After its run at the Adelphi, it moved to His Majesty's Theatre, and returned to the Adelphi in February 1938, totalling 570 performances altogether.

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