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Title of The Play CALL ME MADAM
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1952
Place of Premiere Coliseum, London
Language(s) English
Genre Musical
Based on/Source  
Producer(s) Richard Bird
Director Richard Bird
Author Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse (book), Irving Berlin (music)
Cast Billie Worth, Anton Walbrook, Jeff Warren, Shani Wallis, Donald Burr, Arthur Lowe, Ernst Ulman, Marianne Deeming (= Kupfer)
Literature Times, 17 March 1952
Spectator, 21 March 1952
Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1952
Picture Post, 29 March 1952
Punch, 2 April 1952
Special notes "Mr. Walbrook invests the Prime Minister with immense personal sympathy and an air (unusually authentic for such an entertainment) of civilized nostalgia." (Eric Keown, Punch)
"Anton Walbrook (...) suavely recites two songs in his best LA RONDE manner." (David Mitchell, Picture Post)

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