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Title of The Play REMEMBER MAY 10TH!
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1943
Place of Premiere Scala Theatre, London
Language(s) German, English
Based on/Source  
Director Frederic Gotfurt, Gerhard Hinze (= Gerard Heinz)
Cast Anton Walbrook, Frederick Valk, Beatrix Lehmann, Josef Almas, Fred Berger, Leo Bieber, Gerhard Hinze (= Gerard Heinz), Heinrich Kaemmerer, Jaro Klüger, Wilhelm Nickel, Gustav Philip, Ewald Renk, Josef Stein, Charlotte Küter, J. B. Priestley
Literature Die Zeitung, 28 May 1943
Zeitspiegel, 29 May 1943
Special notes Event on 23 May 1943, recalling the tenth anniversary of the Bücherverbrennung (burning of books) in Germany, including a reading of texts by exiled authors, and a rendition of Johannes R. Becher's play "Battle for Moscow". Musical arrangement: Ernst H. Meyer.

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