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Title of The Play RICHARD III
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1934
Place of Premiere Christ Church Cloisters, Oxford
Language(s) English
Genre Tragedy
Based on/Source  
Producer(s) Leontine Sagan
Director Leontine Sagan
Author William Shakespeare
Cast Peter Glenville, Leontine Sagan, David King-Wood, Margaret Withers, Richard Heppel, John Argles, Michael Eden, Michael Rabone, Tony Whitehead, Cathleen Nesbitt, Nancy Price, Felix Felton, Monica Disney
Literature Times, 14 June 1934.
Punch, 27 June 1934.
Special notes Production of the Oxford University Dramatic Society. Later that June the play was also staged in London's Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. Sagan was the first woman ever to direct a play for the O.U.D.S.

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