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Title of The Play SWEET MADNESS
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1952
Place of Premiere Vaudeville Theatre, London
Language(s) English
Genre Comedy
Based on/Source  
Director Jack Minster
Author Peter Jones
Cast Richard Attenborough, Geraldine McEwan, Martin Miller, Laurence Naismith, Yolanda Donlan, Glynis Johns, Robin Bailey
Literature Times, 22 May 1952
Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1952
Punch, 4 June 1952
Special notes "The play languishes until the arrival, in the last quarter of an hour, of Martin Miller, who gives a wonderful performance as the little Jewish refugee G.P. who has been forced into psychiatry by an ambitious wife, and has reached the point when he himself needs a psychiatrist." (Jewish Chronicle)
The play had been staged earlier that year under the title "Song of the Centipede" at the Q Theatre

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