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Title of The Play VERDICT
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1958
Place of Premiere Strand Theatre, London
Language(s) English
Based on/Source  
Producer(s) Charles Hickman
Director Charles Hickman
Author Agatha Christie
Cast Gerard Heinz, Patricia Jessel, Moira Redmond, Viola Keats, George Roubicek, Gretchen Franklin, Derek Oldham
Literature Times, 23 May 1958
Jewish Chronicle, 30 May 1958
Punch, 4 June 1958
Special notes "Mr. Gerard Heinz plays the professor intelligently, not overdoing the magnetic charm he has for three types of women." (Times)
"Mr. Heinz sustained a long and unbelievable role gallantly." (J. B. Boothroyd, Punch)

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