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Title of The Play WEDDING IN PARIS
Alternative Titles  
English Titles  
Year of Premiere 1954
Place of Premiere Hippodrome, London
Language(s) English
Genre Musical
Based on/Source  
Producer(s) Charles Hickman
Director Charles Hickman
Author Vera Caspary (book), Hans May (music), Sonny Miller (lyrics)
Cast Evelyn Laye, Anton Walbrook, Jeff Warren, Susan Swinford, Joan Emney, Ryck Rydon
Literature Jewish Chronicle, 26 March 1954
Times, 5 April 1954
Jewish Chronicle, 9 April 1954
Punch, 14 April 1954
Special notes The musical was originally produced at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool, in March 1954.
"Anton Walbrook is no singer, as he blithely confesses in one of his musical numbers, but he retains all the skill and artistry of yesteryear that audiences know and love so well." (Jewish Chronicle, 9 April 1954)

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